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Fojtík Dušan, Bc. --- 9. 6. 2003

Taky jsem to dostal... a smazal

-----Original Message-----
From: Janura Stefan [mailto:janura/=/minv.sk]
Sent: Monday, June 09, 2003 10:21 AM
To: Vcelarska konference
Subject: RE: URGENT


Aj Vam chodia zo vcelarskej konfery taketo mail-y ? Alebo len mne. Su
totiz adresovane na "Vcelarsky mailing list" .


----- Original Message -----
From: Frank Tukor <franktukor7/=/netscape.net>
To: Včelařský mailing list <vcely/=/v.or.cz>
Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2003 10:58 PM
Subject: URGENT

> Dear Friend,
> It is with trust and confidentiality, that I makethisurgent and important
> business proposal to you.
> It gives me so much enthusiasm to write this letterto you. It is all in a
> view to soliciting forassistance to enable us execute a venture of mutual
> benfit.My name is Frank Tukor A former Central Bank of ZimbabweWorker,
> during the last political disturbuce by the government held by Robert
> Mugabe,I and my
> other colleagues worked out overUS$20,000,000.0(Twenty million, United
> States Dollars Only) as over invoiced and inflated payment.forelection
> materials and the funds is now flotting ina surspence account ready to be
> transfered to theprovided account.
> Now that we are not sure of the future of this country, due to the cry of
> sanction by world leaderin and around the world. for the brutal take over
> of
> white farm by the Administration, and the lack of purpose in the
> Administration, me and my friends have decided to invest this funds
> the funds is
> currently in security company in Europe the so that we can put all the
> needfull together to ensure a successful transfer of the funds to
> adesingated account.
> Acting in concert with few trusted other officers, we need the assistance
> of a foreigncompany/persons to push this money into their accounts. You
> will do very well with what we have in mind. Your share of whatever we
> succeed in putting into your account will be 20% of the total sum, while
> 70% will be for us and 10% will be mapped out for any expenses incurred by
> both parties in the process of the transfer, we require nothing more from
> you,except your willingness to assist us.
> I will refrain from giving out more operational details, until I receive
> your reply. Since time is of
> the essence to us, reply this letter quickly so as to know what next to
> even if this letter does not
> meet your approval, please inform me.
> There is no risk involved, as we have done our homework carefully.Looking
> forward to hearing from you.
> Frank Tukor

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